The Music

Indépendant minimal jazz, impressionistic jazz or classical... difficult to describe which style the two musicians of Kammerflimmerei now serve. But one thing is clear, it is music full of space and freedom, compositions that are designed to give exactly this to the musicians. Atmospherically, saxophone and piano blur into sound spaces, sometimes virtuosic, sometimes pulsating around each other. Inhale, exhale... does it still beat? Don Phipps compares the two on the jazz portal ALL ABOUT JAZZ with the music of Garbarek and Jarrett.


"Close your eyes. Do you hear the seconds racing by? I hear them all the time. Everything will be fine. You just have to breathe!" (Kammerflimmern)

The two musicians met in 2016 to unite the worlds they come from. Elements from jazz, impressionism, funk, film music, and folk. Sometimes calm and spherical, so that images are created, sometimes wild and dancing. Both are connected by a new beginning and do not want to commit themselves to genres, but the dense flickering of piano and saxophone tones. It combines to exciting melodies, partly brittle phrases and dissolving structures, accompanied by various solos, and thereby creativity and surprise emerge:

                telling stories,
                                            dark and bright,
           far reaching,
                   melancholic and powerful again,

soooo beautiful...

Own compositions, which give space to sound and tell stories about the early awakening,
enjoy the vastness or unheard dances...

Inhale. Exhale. Is it still beating?


Current Comments:

Cornelia Funke im Deutschlandfunk, 28.12.2019: 
' "Reading opens a thousand doors in the head and in the heart", Cornelia Funke is convinced of this, and she has already created a whole bookshelf full of such inspiring reading material. Music, on the other hand, can teach you a feeling, even though you may never have felt it yourself, says the writer in Dlf.'


Don Phipps, All About Jazz, 19.07.2019:

"And what a gem they've unearthed!"


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